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Our Services

We provides and delivers high quality maritime, shipping, mining and logistics services to wide varieties of customers within our area of operations mainly around the golf of guinea with expansion right up to the chad basin

Meticulous Planning​

Planning ensures that we get a clearer picture of the projects

Completion On Time​

Good planning and execution ensures on time completion

Perfect Execution​

Principles of executing projects and get the desire result

Quality Service

Providing satisfactory services for our clients or customers

Our Specialization

Our specialty is focus on extracting useful materials from the earth like iron ore, copper, gold, coal, iron ore, crystal, diamond, bauxite for the benefic of human existence. 

Surface Mining

Extracting mineral from the earth surface by removing layers of earth from the surface down to the mineral deposit

Marine Mining​

Still working with on sea mining technology, to extract natural minerals below the surface of the sea

Underground Mining

Extracting minerals that lies below the earth surface thru open-cast mining. Deep bores or shafts, to reach mineral deposits on great depths

Solution Mining

Mining technology using boreholes or shafts in extracting minerals based on in-situ conversion of ores into a mobile form

Placer Mining

Extracting unconsolidated deposits of detrital material containing valuable minerals from the natural earth surface below

Restructuring Mining

Mining by insolvency and restructuring ​the mineral wells for further extraction

We Provide the Best Service in the Industry​

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